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Knowing that you have a fantastic product is half the battle. Building a brand, getting it out there and sustaining interest is where the real challenge lies. The phases of the fashion world run in cycles, typically seasonally. You always have to be a year ahead or more to offer something fresh. We help position your product in the market for the long term and help grow your brand and get noticed.

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What is apparel and fashion branding?

Having a strong brand identity for your collection builds the platform for your marketing efforts

Products are sold worldwide daily through traditional models like retail and direct to consumer through eCommerce.

Having a brand story that represents you and integrates marketing in a coordinated effort provides you with consistency and meets the expectations of modern consumers.

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How to brand your apparel and fashion business

Always understand where your place is in the shelf space of options

Unless you’re super new and creating your category, consider the space you’re in first and foremost. 

Finding your competitive advantage is essential to make sure you can offer something innovative or with a twist to capture your target audience.

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Working with Jackson Wynne previously, I knew their capabilities would be able to see our product through to a fully formed brand. We can’t be happier with the final result and have secured exclusive distribution at a top clothing store across Canada.
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Apparel and fashion logo design and visual identity

Having an iconic logo is just the start of it. Make sure you think of your brand as a whole

Today your brand lives everywhere. It’s in-person, but it’s also very much online. 

Whether running an advertising campaign or social media presence, keep your messaging and visuals consistent to build your fashion brand language.

Apparel and fashion brand strategy and positioning

Spend the right amount of time on the right thing to get the best results

We can help put together a marketing strategy that will ensure you have a successful launch and continued success with plans in the pipeline for seasons to come.

It doesn’t stop at launching your products. Keep the conversation going wherever your customers live.

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Fashion and apparel website design

Apparel and fashion website design

From lifestyle catalogues to eCommerce

Not every business needs to sell online, but more often than not it’s another revenue stream and channel that allows you to build a direct relationship with your customers.

Selling on third-party marketplaces is still an option and makes you make smart decisions based on where you need to sell.

It all starts with a conversation

Get in touch for a no-commitment, free consultation to discuss your project needs

Position your fashion and apparel business for success. Our design system will help you launch and grow.