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What will make your real estate brand stand out among a sea of sameness and similar expectations? Is it possible to balance real estate marketing and great design? With our help, you can steer clear of traditional real estate marketing by focusing on what makes you attractive to potential buyers and sellers. Consider the bigger picture and goals of your real estate agency or brokerage, then move ahead with a brand strategy and a design system that will position you in the best possible light amongst buyers and sellers.

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What is Real Estate branding?

Brokerages and realtors use real estate branding to let their target audience know their mission, vision, and values.

Generally, a real estate brand’s main components consist of the name, logo, tagline, brand colours, the mission statement, and the overall design language.

Consumers identify with a great brand, and a great brand increases sales.

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Real estate branding business cards

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How to brand your real estate business

We start by looking at key players and peers to explore the world your real estate brand will live in. Your business paints a picture of where things are going and where the design and marketing limits must be adjusted.

It isn’t easy to push boundaries and create unique real estate designs if you’re not aware of what the space you’re looking to compete in has to offer.

Once we’ve identified the benchmarks in terms of design, positioning, social awareness, consumer knowledge and expectations, we can start developing strategies and design systems that elevate your real estate brand from playing the same field to knocking it out of the park.

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The local competition for real estate is apparent. Everywhere you turn there is a realtor selling their services. I understood that to stand out I needed to hire an expert that could provide me with a stand-out consistent brand. Jackson Wynne beyond delivered. Paul and his team listened and enhanced my ideas then brought them to life with great insight and advice!
Jeff Tsuji
Tsuji Group

Real estate logo and visual identity

Every interaction you have with your audience should reflect the relationship that you have with your brand.

Businesses in the real estate sector should strive for memorability, clarity and uniqueness in their branding. Logos for real estate companies often depict sloping roofs and square windows suspended in abstract space or stacked in clusters with no apparent logic. Their ubiquitous nature, their monotony, and the fact that they are such generic brand marks make them highly unattractive. What other ideas are there beyond houses, skyscrapers, and rooftops? That’s where we come in to help define the unexpected.

Real estate brand strategy and positioning

Brand strategy and positioning should drive most of your business decisions, so it’s worth taking the time to do this right. 

In real estate, standing out from the competition means sending a powerful message about what you do and how you’re unique. If you want to move forward with new slogans, print mailers, or website copy, we must take a quantitative and qualitative look at who we are. If you don’t describe your target market and value clearly and concisely, it will be nearly impossible to keep your brand consistent across your website and marketing collateral. An inconsistent brand is ineffective.

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We enhance all of the traits that make you an expert in the real estate industry with our Real Estate Websites. Using brand-aligned imagery, personalized content and an interactive website, we help you convince your potential clients to choose you over anyone else as their realtor. 

Need to integrate with a Real Estate app or CRM? No problem. We can provide design assets for any Real Estate website system or integrate plugins in our WordPress-built real estate websites.

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