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We’re an independent design agency working on creative projects with partners and clients across North America

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Our North Star

For the long haul

We’re not here to make a quick buck. We work with our partners and clients on projects we truly believe in building long-term relationships.


Critical thinking and sound business decision-making are fundamental for guided creative and successfully launches time after time.

Covering the gamut

Our service offering goes the distance in creative solutions, design, content and online work, ensuring we can maintain consistency wherever your brand lives.


We have a dedicated core team with additional partners based on the project’s needs that are carefully selected, vetted and proven as experts in their own right.

People over profits

Say no to burnout. A healthy, happy team is a productive and creative team. Work/life balance with realistic timelines is crucial for all to thrive.

Not your grandpa’s agency

The traditional approach to creative design services leaves a lot to be desired. We believe there is a better way to satisfy and scale demand.

Your leading
brand consultants

Paul Phillips


As a renaissance man, Paul takes an interest in several verticals

This vast scope of knowledge makes him an asset when working with businesses providing insights that help lead the changes needed to succeed

Working with SME’s and publicly traded corporations both locally and abroad, Paul brings a unique perspective to projects that span creative and technical expertise. Understanding the needs of a business and balancing on-trend design with an approach that leaves clients feeling comfortable and confident in any situation

Jack Shepherd


The intersection of creativity and the digital world in which we live.

Jack offers a unique perspective into projects that range from design direction to technical web production

A background in Illustration provides a rich toolkit for creative services that requires a keen eye for detail. Beyond art, his distinct passion for getting companies up-to-date with their digital presence shines through. As a connoisseur of finely crafted goods, he is always looking at the landscape of the collective conscious looking to improve what we have today and thinking ahead about what’s next for tomorrow.

Meet the
core team

Alfonso Ramos

Alfonso Ramos

Creative Lead
Wendy Ding

Wendy Ding


Our process

How we work

There is no one-trick-pony or smoking gun when it comes to your project. We’ve refined our process over 20+ years into a tried and true format that works. While no two organizations are the same, we apply a guiding set of principles that deliver results.

Branding Process Infographic Design Process Mobile


Interviewing stakeholders and customers establish a brand baseline and where things are headed. A visual audit of your industry and competitors establishes the benchmark. From there, we know where to aim.


Your design solution accounts for all the pieces that a recognized brand needs to look, sound, and feel unique. We create a system that is as natural as it should be – authentic, accurate, and consistent.


Whether you’re reintroducing yourself to the world or launching a new website (or all of the above), we’re here to see the vision through from start to finish and make sure that your critical brand touchpoints are reflected.


After we’ve built your brand and put it out there it’s important to assess how it’s been received and how everything is working together to achieve your goals. We may find it’s hitting the right mark or needs refinement in some areas.


We don’t believe anything is really truly “done”. Shipped is oftentimes better than perfect. Whether it’s aligning your marketing material or taking a phased approach, we need to revisit areas for improvement so that we can make sure everything is at the level it needs to be.


You probably have ongoing work that needs attention to ensure your existing marketing material is consistent. Whether it’s your website, newsletter or socials. As needed we repeat the process for any other brand, subbrand or project that’s next.

Calling all potential clients, partners and team members. Give us a shout if you want to chat.