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About us

We utilize design strategy for your business through seamless branding experiences

Jackson Wynne is an independent branding design agency based in Toronto working with individuals and businesses to unearth boundless opportunities.

Founded by Paul Phillips and Jack Shepherd in 2009, their combined experience of over 27 years provides leadership and insight - helping organizations from start-ups to enterprises breathe new life into their businesses.

Our team of brand experts provides discovery, design and delivery ensuring your business is relevant, reinvigorated and inherently, you.

Meet the Co-Founders

Paul Phillips

Paul Phillips

Co-founder & CEO

An industry veteran with the experience and passion to elevate your brand to new levels. Paul is a well-rounded renaissance man bringing a wealth of wisdom to the table.

Jack Shepherd

Jack Shepherd

Co-founder & Design Director

With a background in illustration, design comes second nature. Working as a digital native, Jack provides a competitive edge across disciplines. Seeing the vision through.