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7 Enoteca Restaurant Branding
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How do you create the next hot spot? Branding and environmental design can genuinely transform your restaurant into the place to be. Exclusivity, menu design, and proper positioning elevates your brand and separates you from competitors in the market. Build it “right,” and they will come. Outside of picking the location and riding the latest food trends, we help create sustainable and everlasting brands.

Restaurant Branding Advertising

What is restaurant branding?

If you want to create something memorable, the taste of the food, the attitude of the staff, and the style of the decor need to work together.

Branding is how your restaurant’s identity is communicated to audiences. It influences the concept and ambiance, which creates the atmosphere. It also expresses the values and mission of your restaurant. A good brand engages guests emotionally, connecting on some fundamental level.

Restaurant Branding Services

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How to brand your restaurant

We start by looking at key players and peers to explore the area your restaurant brand operates

We first identify the benchmarks of design, positioning, social awareness, consumer knowledge and expectations. We can start developing strategies and design systems that elevate your restaurant brand from playing the same field to knocking it out of the park.

7 Enoteca Restaurant Branding
There is something to be said about too many cooks in the kitchen. We got out of the way and let Jackson Wynne do their thing and were ecstatic with the end product. They gave us all the tools we needed to successfully launch our business.
Michael Wong
Underground Restaurant Branding

Restaurant logo design and visual identity

Just like the signature dishes you make, you need a brand name and logo that stirs the senses and stays on the tip of the tongue

Your logo and visual language will influence everything else that forms the brand; From menus, website and signage, your identity needs to be part of the overall story you’re telling about the restaurant.

Restaurant brand strategy and positioning

The world of restaurants and food service covers a broad spectrum of experiences, from fine dining, QSR and mom and pop holes in the wall.

Each is respective of an experience and all can perform exceptionally well when business objectives and market analysis are done right.  The restaurants that make it are the ones that listen to their customers, understand what their local competitors are up to and are continually improving while keeping menu crowd-pleasers as consistent as possible.

Restaurant Branding Advertising
Underground Restaurant Branding

Restaurant website design

Mouthwatering websites catered specifically for restaurants

The digital landscape for restaurants can live or die from their positions on local food directories and review sites. That being said, there’s nothing more important than being able to tell your story on your platform. We design and build websites for all types of restaurants, from fine ding to QSR.

It all starts with a conversation

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