Velvet & White

Iconic every step of the way

Velvet and White is a premium sock collection that is catered to the fashion-forward that desire style and quality.

What started as a brand consulting service at the early stages of the business transformed into the whole package.

From product collection development to identity, packaging and website. We tackled the whole thing to make sure the direction was consistent from start to finish.

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Packaging and Website

The customer experience starts on social media, leading to the website and ultimately in-person with the unboxing of the product. We helped created a seamless branded package from end to end.

Photography and Video Direction

Creating content that can be used on your eCommerce store and live on social media is critical to building a lifestyle fashion business. We all made sure we got the images we needed for launch and rollout.

Building a business is difficult. Jackson Wynne helped us every step of the way. From our product collection to art direction and photoshoot to our brand and website. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Prem & Pirabu