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Feedery is a fast-casual food service brand and concept development company that crafts delicious, chef-inspired plates with love and care. They operate several brands at the highest level, and also create diverse tastes and package them together unlike any other QSR in the market.

For this new brand, Jackson Wynne collaborated closely with the Feedery team for naming, branding and produced a website. The main goal was organizing a parent brand and three extended sub-brands for each food concept.

Building a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic might seem like a crazy idea, but we saw it as the perfect opportunity to build a one-of-a-kind restaurant destination.

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Sub Brands and Website

Creating original brands for each food concept was important to cater to the customers that would want a certain kind of food and capture the aesthetic that would articulate that desire.

There is something to be said about too many cooks in the kitchen. We got out of the way and let Jackson Wynne do their thing and were ecstatic with the end product. They gave us all the tools we needed to successfully launch our business.

Michael Wong