Maintaining your company blog

by Paul Phillips
March 7th, 2017

Creative Director at Jackson Wynne

Over the years we’ve attempted to maintain a consistent blog. With the best of intentions, we’ve had some good sprints and big lulls.


Considering the lapse over the last year and change, my track record has been pretty lame. Lots of excuses arise (although I feel they’re valid) that can be attributed simply being too busy with client projects to work on other areas we care about: our own website, talking points, research, etc.

This is not a profound post where I’m making some sort of proclamation about our commitment to getting back on the blogging horse, but more a commentary on a situation that many businesses just like ours struggle with.

Understanding your weaknesses is step one, step two is what you do about it.


Why did we stop blogging? I take personal responsibility for this.

A lot has happened since I wrote my last post. Aside from the obvious Birthdays that have lapsed (I’m 39 now). My wife has given me two beautiful children (Girl and a Boy). Talk about perspective. I could write pages on many things that have already been said by millions of parents throughout the ages. At the centre of those ramblings, and I do say ramblings, my little one is seven months old and is still not sleeping through the night. Experiencing a good 8 hours of continued sleep is the elusive unicorn I can’t seem to catch.

Tangent – Even as I write this, I’m taking breaks here and there to make pancakes on a Saturday morning for my daughter, having only slept 3 hours due to my watchful eye on my son who has croup and a fever of 102.6. Mind you; all-nighters give me some quality time to catch up and talk to my wife about life and everything in between.

Where was I… oh yes… Being a provider – The bottom line is to ensure I’m a good provider, with all of my focus the last two-plus years has being on my family and the client projects that pay the bills. “Working in the business”, not on the business you could say.


In a parallel stream, the burden and bulk of design and production fell on Jack’s shoulders propping me up and eliminating any time for him to contribute to the blog. After all, he’s only human… I think 😉

The point of all this. I don’t have anything to write about but at least we’re getting warmed up, and talking about what’s going on at the moment is as good as it gets right now. Sometimes it’s all you need to do to get comfortable with the keyboard again and download ramblings that your friends and associates are probably tired of hearing about. Just get it out there.

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