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Stand out in a sea of beer brands with good design

Craft Beer Packaging Inspiration

For some, there is perhaps nothing more satisfying than enjoying a cold brew in the summer. Or enjoying a seasonal beer to unwind. Beer has a long, rich history - and today you can find it modernized in a lot of different varieties.

Ontario's craft beer scene is rapidly growing. With a boom in the industry, the amount of options can be overwhelming. From your neighbourhood, to imports from around the world.

Even just in Toronto, there is a lot going on.

We've always been a fan of Bellwoods Brewery label designs from Double Naut
We've always been a fan of Bellwoods Brewery label designs from Double Naut

The beer scene is very interesting. Traditionally, strict rules ensured consistency from providers with very standard tastes, and only a handful of styles. Progress in exploration and experimentation can be seen at your local brew pub with flavour options that now seem limitless.

Long considered the "every man's" drink, beer has developed a reputation that has since been taken to unexplored heights. Good beer doesn't come easy. There is a science and also a bit of magic that makes a brand accomplish a place in the hearts of beer enthusiasts. And customers are willing to pay a premium for the full experience. With so many options out there, when it comes to a breweries story, positioning and label design - branding becomes very important. Special attention needs to be paid.

Beau's in-house design team from Ottawa does an excellent job
Beau's in-house design team from Ottawa does an excellent job

The community is very supportive and helpful to colleagues. With the micro brewery boom, discovering a new favourite is just around the corner at your local restaurant or beer festival.

It's fascinating to see things develop with distribution as The Beer Store and LCBO control the main market in Ontario. Everyone loves a good underdog story.

Not a cheap task, launching a micro brewery on a budget can be a challenge. Equipment, material, staff, marketing - that's a lot of overhead (pun intended).

Side Launch(formerly Denison's) is a fresh rebrand with a new name
Side Launch (formerly Denison's) is a fresh rebrand with a new name

We've only cracked the surface with a few great examples of craft beer design in Ontario. There are too many great designs to pick from! And more yet to be seen.

Here at Jackson Wynne, we have experience in package design. With an extensive history in branding, our team would thoroughly enjoy collaborating with a craft brewer should the right opportunity arise. We're capable of managing everything from your logo to packaging, and online needs.

It doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg to get your launch or re-brand off the ground.
If you have an interesting craft beer project, we'd love to hear from you.

What's your favourite brewery? Post in the comments below.

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Jack Shepherd
Written By

Jack Shepherd

Co-founder, Partner and Design Director at Jackson Wynne

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