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The Coveteur

Designer Erin Kleinberg and Stylist Stephanie Mark are the brains and bloggers behind the scenes of  Their obsession with fashion has inspired them to take it further into the homes of fashion industry people, philanthropists, journalists, designers, experts and the fashion elite only to uncover their fashion obsessions.

Photographed by Jason Rosenberg, the site displays digital creatives of personal accomplishments, art, and meaningful belongings that have influenced their unique sense of style. If you love fashion, art, and decor The Coveteur will definitely inspire you.

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Stephanie Mark and Erin Kleinberg: inside Klein's closet


Sylvia Mantella's shoe closet and feature picture.

Whats in your closet?

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Paul Phillips
Written By

Paul Phillips

Co-founder, Partner and Creative Director at Jackson Wynne @tack_paul