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Innovating the customer experience online

Frank and Oak – the new face of e-commerce

The entire fashion industry over the past few years has evolved. Think of Amazon and how easy they make it for you to order so many things from the comfort of wherever you are. When it comes to men's fashion, online shopping is now at a whole other level. With companies like Frank and Oak from Montreal innovating the customer experience, you can't help but appreciate them for raising standards.


Stylish threads for men

Montreal brand Frank and Oak is focused on creating affordable, fashion forward collections with menswear and accessories. Every month they launch additional options keeping things fresh and up to date on trends.

Exclusivity is created through their members only area with their reward system where you can build credit towards your next purchase. The Hunt Club is a clever way of offering free shipping and benefits to loyal customers, keeping them loyal for much longer than you'd see from a lot of other brands.

Engaging and perfecting the customer experience online is no easy feat. A marriage of strong brand presence, promotion, photography, design and technology is all going on behind the scenes to make the buying experience as seamless as possible.

How it works

Sign up to the Hunt Club and pick up to 3 pieces a month to keep your wardrobe up to date. They ship you clothing in a "crate" or box, you have 5 days to make your decision and you pick the items you want to keep, if any. Pick 1, 2, 3 items or nothing. Returning items is easy, package up what you don't want in the box and print out a return label and bring to your closest shipping center.

hunt-club-crateGetting a box in the mail every month is kind of like Christmas, with hand written messages for that personal touch

Besides the Hunt Club, as a customer you can go ahead and just buy as much as you want.

The biggest barrier to any online store is shipping and with free shipping an easy hurdle to get over with their system, they take away any hesitation on my part to go ahead and order.

With the Hunt Club they take out any hesitation and it becomes a routine.

How it compares to regular shopping

Let's face it, shopping at a retail outlet or mall can get tired quickly. With so many options and distractions it's really easy to get lost on a task that can already be overwhelming for a lot of guys. Think of Frank and Oak like having a personal shopper. They make it easy for you to think of and put together outfits you might not normally try. Without having to go to 3 or 4 different stores and make a day of it.

I'm a huge advocate of online shopping so I might be biased, but I really enjoy the online experience. This approach is unique and once you build an understanding of selections that work for you, it's just too easy.

Unique editorial content

Further building the brand by having monthly editorials on not only the fashion line but on culture. Building a lifestyle brand takes a lot of effort and you can't help but appreciate the amount of work going into it. They have all sorts of content on music, entrepreneurs, city life and creating jet setter romance for the worldly traveler.

Beautiful photography and models have always sold fashion. They do a really good job of picking a theme each month and committing to it. Whether it's seasonal or a vacation tie in. They've also dabbled in video bringing the entire experience into an interactive and engaging one.

Building a dedicated community


Ultimately the success of Frank and Oak seems to be their ability to build a community around the ideal of good fashion. Cut out the middle man, make it easy and fun for the customer and build a unique brand. Share with friends and build credit. Be loyal and earn credit. All good things. They are building a dedicated network of like minded consumers.

Focused on the menswear niche, they provide the perfect marriage of online shopping and fashion.

Focus on technology & design


These guys and gals get it. Their entire brand encompasses chic detailing for the whole experience from the website right through to the packaging and of course, don't forget the product. Right on trend for seasonal fashion with good fit options, they are a one stop online shop for men's fashion.

The user experience of their website is fantastic. They utilize responsive layout to scale no matter your browser size. Features like product quick view and category filters make it easy to find what you're interested in and fast.

Recently they launched their mobile app for iPhone, further extending the experience enabling their customers the option of shopping on the go.

E-commerce done right

Their system looks to be custom developed with what I believe looks like Magento. For a custom enterprise solution it makes a lot of sense without blowing the bank out of the gate on something like DemandWare. A fitting choice for a bootstrapped startup and up and coming commerce giant.

A hosted solution like Shopify might be too restrictive in this instance. With Magento they can add to and modify as they expand. Don't be fooled though, a lot of time and money has gone into this Magento platform. As we tell all of our clients, based on your needs one platform might be a good direction or another may fit the bill better.

The user experience is excellent and the customization adds a unique online shopping experience.

Final words

I've been a huge fan and have used their system for months. It's really great to see how far they've evolved from month to month.

Will I buy everything from them? I'll probably get a lot of stuff, but not everything. I usually end up getting one or two things a month from their selection. I still like to shop locally and get my outfits from a combination of places to spice things up, but they have a really solid collection.

I love what they're doing and look forward to seeing them grow and what they have to offer next.

Check out Frank and Oak

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Jack Shepherd
Written By

Jack Shepherd

Co-founder, Partner and Design Director at Jackson Wynne @jacksheps