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JWI Promo: RCAF badge reworked

Here's a little background info: the "Wynne" in Jackson Wynne was the nick name my grand mother Winnifred "Wynne" Giguere.

Wynne grew up in southern Ontario on a farm just outside of  London. As you could imagine the amount of work and chores that had to be carried out on a daily basis my grandmother was no slouch. After finishing college she became a teacher in a rural school house and at the time of WWII she enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Forces Women's Division. In addition to her service during the war (where she met my grandfather, Lancaster Bomber pilot Paul (my name sake) Giguere) Wynne was also a mother (6 Children and 12 grand children and 8 great grand children to date) an elementary & secondary school English & History teacher and volunteered her time in retirement to help newly landed Canadians reach their goals.


She's written her memories to let my future children know exactly where we came from. I know she's my grandmother and by family law I'm supposed to tell you how great she was, but she truly was a remarkable, strong and ambitious woman. A tremendous woman who accomplished so much in her life time that we choose her name sake as a remembrance of all that is good and true through hard work and truly putting yourself into the deeds you do.

Came across this advertisement online. I wonder if it was one of the calls to action my grandmother may have seen back in London, Ontario at the time.

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Paul Phillips
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Paul Phillips

Co-founder, Partner and Creative Director at Jackson Wynne @tack_paul