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JW Outlook 2011

From Jackson Wynne to you, a few things to consider this year.



Get equipped with the proper technology for the growing mobile browser demographic. From iPhone’s and iPad’s, to Android tablets and every smart phone under the sun, we want to make sure that our clients have the right elements in place to deal with mobile users.

Due to the shear number of mobile browsers, it’s important to make sure your web presence is compatible for new and existing phones. Make a simplified version of your site to get the facts across to customers quickly. Mobile customers are on the go and may have seen your sign or ad and want to get information fast, so cover the basic 5 w’s as quickly as possible.


(above code opens jacksonwynne.local - scan this code with a smartphone.)

QR the Devil!

Are you in the dark about QR codes? Don’t worry, a lot of people are. These cryptic looking square codes will be increasing in popularity in the coming year. Already popular in Asia and Europe, QR codes are becoming the most efficient way to link people to the information they want. Gone are the days of forward slash this and enter promo code number… simply scan with your smart phone and immediately get website links, contact information, send an sms, email message or get directions.

Jackson Wynne has a QR code creation and tracking site under development where you’ll be able to create many types of QR codes and track the unique scans it receives. Pin point on a Google map to see where your customers are scanning from.


Above still from O Noir - Transfer of trust by True Essence Media - watch here

Celebrity status

Don’t miss the boat on video. The most common misconception about video is it’s costly. Sticker price shock can cut this phase of a project out, however you have to realize that what you can accomplish in 1 to 2 days of filming can be a cost effective way to get your message across. In doing so you also express a vested interest in new media and technology and show your viewers and clients that you’re trying to do something more than just sell an idea, you’re creating a culture. We’ve got a great team standing by ready to shoot your next promo or documentary. Video a’la True Essence.


The business card you always wanted

You’re well established and want that last piece of paper communication to set the stage for a prospective client or associate. Now is the time to invest in the card you’ve always wanted. A quality card can run you a bit more than the average, but once you have these cards in your hand you’ll find it was well worth the investment.

Just like leaving the lot with that dream car you’ve always wanted, or that designer suit you feel like a 10 in, handing out this card will undoubtedly make you feel the same way while at the same time showing the recipient that you mean business. Speak softly carry a big stick!

  • Premium cards (Thicker Stocks, die-cut, embossed, letter press or all of the above)
  • QR Cards get your information in the right hands, right way!
  • Alternative materials, wood veneer and recycled plastic


With all the hype of face book fan pages and twitter feeds it’s about time you set a plan in place to address the possibility of using social networking in your business. We can help you weigh the pros and cons and set in place a strategy to properly address social networking and your business culture.

Do you have a social presence? What is the purpose? Is it an extension of your customer support, or are you just getting the word out there. The web is talking about your business, it’s your choice to show up and become a part of the conversation.

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Paul Phillips
Written By

Paul Phillips

Co-founder, Partner and Creative Director at Jackson Wynne @tack_paul