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I’m a Jackson Wynne design intern—Fresh Blood!

Vampires are sooo in right now. Just kidding. As the newest member of the Jackson Wynne team, I'm hopefully providing more insight than current(?) teen/YA trends. I'm attempting to help out with projects wherever I can, while soaking up as much knowledge and information whenever I can. Studio-life is new to me and I'm enjoying navigating its currents.

Currently I'm studying graphic design at George Brown College with a focus on corporate design, but I started off in Communications and Media Studies at the University of Windsor and the University of Western Ontario, respectively. That sounds like I did a lot of time, but I was only there for a semester each before deciding to move to Toronto. I still have a keen interest in all types of media and communications. I currently work part-time at a local independent TV station here in Toronto, as a Master Control Operator. I basically have a job pushing buttons all day and making TV go. Five-year-old me is very excited for me.

I like comic books, fancy teacups, heavy metal and animated .gifs; I like designing things like info graphics and annual reports; Illustrator and inDesign are my best pals; and to me, the Internet is a very real place. I'm complicated. So, you can expect some super exciting and invigorating, mind expanding—possibly even life-changing blog posts from me in the coming weeks.


In short, hello, my name's Olivia and I'm the new intern here at Jackson Wynne and I'm looking forward to the next few months of exploring design management and execution in the functional, "real-world" sense. Thanks for letting me in!

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Olivia Catroppa
Written By

Olivia Catroppa

2013 Intern at Jackson Wynne @ocatroppa