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Some of the best coffee package designs out there

Great packaging can make or break a product in a crowded marketplace where standing out is sure way to get noticed.

There many great packaging designs out there, but these are definitely my favourite coffee picks right now. A good mix of some local and global brands:

I fell in love with Parallel's branding and packaging when I was on vacation in Vancouver

zoegas-coffee-packaging-designZOÉGAS simple and elegant design is very sophisticated

balzacs-02-1024x652Kudos to Chad Roberts on Balzac's packaging, some really great work

starbucks-anniversary-blendStarbucks has an excellent packaging series that is fresh and clean while balancing interesting artwork

slingshot-coffeeA very focused product line of cold brew coffee, Slingshot hits the mark

dripp-coffeeDripp Coffee's colourful and playful imagery really stand out, especially in their cups

Do you have a favourite coffee package design? Post it in the comments below.



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Jack Shepherd
Written By

Jack Shepherd

Co-founder, Partner and Design Director at Jackson Wynne

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