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2012 Client Holiday Gifts

If you're reading this, we made it through the Mayan apocalypse just fine. You might be sick of holiday promotions by now, but it's a great time of year to make a lasting statement and thank your customers. At Jackson Wynne we like to come up with holiday gifts that are a little bit different. It's part of our job. From the team at Jackson Wynne we'd like to wish you & yours the very best going into 2013.

Previous Promotion

Last year we gave away chicken & goats through OXFAM. It was great, but we like to mix things up and decided to go a different route this year.


What we're doing this year

We're giving clients a towering pine 300 years early.

This year we're donating a tree in a clients name, right in our Canadian backyard.

Why Trees?

Why not trees? They're green & festive, symbolic. I've always loved them. They do a lot for us. There is probably something near you right now that was made possible only by the existence of a tree.

We found out about The Carbon Farmer while watching Dragons Den on CBC and it seemed like the perfect gift. Building the future one step in the right direction for "People, Planet, and Profit".

These are not Christmas trees to be cut down and used for less than a month. These are long term trees to replenish depleted forests for the future. The Carbon Farmer initiative is one step in the right direction. Squirrels and other forest friends will thank us too!


This might only be a small step forward, but today it's more important than ever to get involved in neutralizing your carbon footprint. Doing what you can. Any difference we can make today will leave the next generation in a better place.

How it works

The Carbon Farmer plants tree(s) on our clients' behalf in a new boreal forest in Alberta, Canada. Clients can add their name and message to their tree in a virtual forest.

We sent out an email campaign to clients. They were notified about what we were doing and how to "plant their tree" in a virtual forest with their own unique planting code and instructions. We like the interactive experience of a virtual forest extending the experience into a way our clients can engage and get involved.


I know what you're wondering. Even if clients don't "plant" their tree, Carbon Farmer goes ahead and plants it regardless if it appears in the virtual forest or not.

What do you think?

We're sorry if you didn't receive a tree. Give us a shout and we'll look at our list and check it twice. Or maybe next year you could be getting a gift from our team.

We have a bit of time to plan out next years promotion, feel free to send in any ideas in the comments below. Happy holidays everyone!

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Jack Shepherd
Written By

Jack Shepherd

Co-founder, Partner and Design Director at Jackson Wynne @jacksheps