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Touch of Africa

Identity Branding Packaging Environment Design

Three businesses, one building. No problem. When proposed of the concept, we took a second to sit back think of all the obstacles in branding 3 separate companies under one roof, then dove right in. We love a challenge. Working for the umbrella company Touch Corporation, we set out to create 3 distinctive brands and define a space that is truly one of a kind.

Inside & Out

Working alongside industrial designer Brayan Stoyanov, Jackson Wynne transformed Touch Corporation’s HQ from a dingy split level building, into a vast clean bright 1400 square foot gallery with 11′ ceilings with merchandise taking centre stage. The upper level was dedicated to 1000 square feet of travel services and a trendy café offering up some quintessential South African fair.

Triple Triple

Halfway through the build out the owners thought the addition of a second floor café would be a nice addition and encourage patrons to take a load off and read thought some travel books. Enjoy coffees and teas from around the globe. The Afro Café was born and continues to be a hip little hideaway all season round.

Safari Anyone?

Touch Down Africa offers unparalleled travel plans and recommendations from South African expats. Building on the reality of South Africans selling travel services to South Africa, the connection came easily. We drew upon their ideas and translated them into messages and visuals that work for the Canadian market.

“Coordination with an on-point design team is crucial to the success of any project I embark on. Having a branding firm that inspires the process from the start is essential to realizing the final environment. From interior and exterior concepts and all signage and design elements.”

Brayan Stoyanov, Industrial Designer


A project at this scale requires collaboration between specialists. This could not have been successful without our creative partners and working with the owners, managers, staff members & team at Touch Corporation.

Though Touch Corporation now has an inhouse team for ongoing work. We definitely put them well on their way, and the material created is something we are proud of.