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Tasty Turkey

Identity Branding Web Design User Interface

Tasty Turkey is a recipe website provided by the Turkey Farmers of Canada. Beyond Thanksgiving dinner, there are a lot of different ways to cook the popular bird in style. From sandwiches to spatchcocking, Jackson Wynne was brought in to redesign the complete experience from the branding through to the user interface.


Tasty Turkey is a unique website that provides do-it-yourself cooks and the recipe community something to pinterest about. Jackson Wynne created a brand that encompasses the atmosphere this target market is looking for. Easy to follow designs and special attention was made to the icons, illustrations and how-tos.

Web Design

Forks up. How many ways is there to pluck a bird? Discover, learn and appreciate the diversity of options you now have to make a delicious meal. The website is intended for the Canadian market available in English and French and is also available from desktop to mobile users. Find what you’re looking for quickly. Special attention was paid for easy to follow recipes.


Tasty Turkey was launched with a tremendous amount of support from the recipe community and appreciation for the new website. In collaboration with Jasper and the Turkey Farmers of Canada, Jackson Wynne was happy to play a major role. Make the cooking experience that little bit more enjoyable. It’s all in the details.