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360º & 3D Product Photography


Identity Website

Ortery Technology produces leading photography systems that can handle the demand of eCommerce shops. For B2B customers that need solutions to manage large inventory. Updating their existing website into a more modern look and feel keeps them current in a competitive industry. Managing their line of technology products, while conveying the benefits and features they offer; all while juggling content was the name of the game.


Jackson Wynne provided a logotype refresh for Ortery that was carried across to be included on the website and on all of their product and material. A fresh new colour was chosen to breathe new life into the brand as a whole.

“Taking our existing website and completing updating everything from the ground up was a process that changed the way we think about how we market to our customers and helps us stay competitive in the fast-paced technology industry. Everything from merchandising to targeting specific industries were covered to help us sell our B2B hardware and software.”

Sam Shearer, Director


The Ortery website was completely redesigned as a custom WordPress theme. Acting as a catalogue for their existing and upcoming product, Ortery needed a way to handle products, categorization and photography examples.

The website helps demonstrate what the product can do with numerous products. Presenting all of this in the best light was the balancing act and challenge. Specific industry landing pages were created to speak to potential customers in a relevant fashion. Streamlining original content and updating various structure and systems were put in place to create a modern website that can handle the demand of desktop, mobile and future updates.

Interactive components were utilised throughout the website to highlight and call attention to important features. Merchandising suggestions were included to ensure up-to-date consumer products that would present well.