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Metropolitan Realty

Identity Branding Website

Metropolitan Realty is a boutique commercial real estate company in the Toronto area. Jackson Wynne updated their image to reintroduce the brand as a contender within an industry with some large players. A rebrand was timely, repositioning themselves in the marketplace as the go-to broker in the city.


Working from their existing mark, Jackson Wynne explored various treatments to test one extreme to another. Eventually landing on a timeless and iconic “m”, a refreshed version of what they already had. Sometimes, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, or in this case, the circle.

Print Collateral

Everything was ready to revisit including their business cards, letterhead, presentation, marketing folders, signage and advertising pieces. Street patterns of the city were used with subtle variations of the standard corporate blue colour palette for depth and interest.


Overhauling a legacy platform brought their digital game back to where it needs to be. A dynamic content management system enables their team to update and add properties on the fly and manage critical areas that are in constant need of being updated.