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Kongsted Living

Identity Branding Website

Kongsted has a commitment to design excellence and an extensive portfolio, including customized furniture for customers around the world. Jackson Wynne was brought in to establish brand presence. A furniture brand that is Scandinavian and European focused, the look and feel had to match up accordingly. From catalogues to promo pieces and everything in between.


The iconic lion found in some Danish crests is a mark that works great in application. The supporting company logotype defines the name with bold orange brand colours. Taking cues from nordic heraldry and contemporary designs, we collected a myriad of inspiration to serve as a spring board in various treatments.

Web Design

Communicating the brand online on what Kongsted offers was key. The WordPress website was optimized through to mobile for the complete experience. Focused on product and the catalogue, the website serves as a sales tool to generate interest in potential distributors. OEM product from idea to completion details the custom furniture process.


Beyond establishing the brand, Jackson Wynne played a key role in growing Kongsted as an international company. We supplied promotional material working with collaborating retailers such as Urban Outfitters, among many others. We built relationships and produced functional, informative experiences.