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Josh Cassidy

Website Content Strategy Interactive Design

Josh Cassidy races all over the world and has the medals to prove it. Working with Josh since 2008, Jackson Wynne has implemented various web initiatives on a continued sponsorship level. Josh’s dedication to sport and passion behind every task is the driving force behind his racing career and the reason we had no hesitation joining Team Cassidy. An admirable passion for sport and laser like focus continues to amaze and inspire us. As we cheer from the sidelines, we’re happy to be a part of Josh’s amazing journey.


Josh Cassidy represented Canada in the 2012 London Olympics. Brand Manager CC Martin needed a design & online partner. Within a tight timeline, Jackson Wynne coordinated a website relaunch with photos provided by Mike Lewis. Our focus was to create an online campaign coinciding with the web re-launch.

Mapping it out

Jackson Wynne needed a way to demonstrate the many locations Josh travels for racing. We utilized a mapping system that was linked up to the blog, providing cross-content integration. It’s provided Josh an easy way to tag where he’s been by associating a blog post.


The website launch coincided with the 2012 London Olympics. Josh went from under 1000 Facebook likes to over 5000, from 200 twitter followers to over 1000+, and had greater visitor retention and over 300% increase in traffic. Josh is positioned for success to provide information to media, attract sponsorship and stay up to date with his fans. Currently on the Olympic trail, training, competing and staying connected. Next up: Rio 2016.

“Jackson Wynne captured everything that I needed and then some. They created a visually striking website that is easy to navigate, and keeps bringing visitors back.”

Josh Cassidy, Olympic Athlete