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Solar Energy Corporate Branding

SFE Solar

Identity Branding Website

SFE Solar Energy is a utility provider offering electricity to customers in California.

Speaking to that west coast vibe, Jackson Wynne created a brand package that covered multiple touch points from the identity to print material and website.

Creating a corporate branding package empowered the marketing team to tackle their service launch.


Starting with the logo, we came up with a simple and straightforward approach to the identity. Honing in on the circular sun motif as a stroke, it holds the logotype together for an efficient approach that translates seamlessly across multiple touch points. Borrowing from dials: be it a power button, volume or smart thermostat’s tying in association to the circle. As a mark, it’s effortless and natural.

“Above and beyond our expectations, Jackson Wynne’s team created a cohesive brand we’re able to utilize in our marketing campaign for print and online. Having our sales team fitted with the right uniform and branded material is a game changer to help sell our solar program. Getting the right brand narrative and elements in place is no easy feat and we enjoyed working with their team for a beautiful end result.”

Lindsey Huculiak, Marketing Director


A custom WordPress theme was built with functionality for handling lead generation. Carrying the brand online to provide the right information to prospective customers was essential. Interactive components such as the dial, form and relevant blog content were all integrated. Capturing the California lifestyle and demonstrating the potential savings lead the presentation format, empowering the user to make an informed decision.


SFE Solar has launched in California with strong brand positioning helping them stand out in a competitive marketplace. Providing homeowners with affordable, renewable electricity is the perfect marriage between technology and nature.