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ELXR Juice Lab

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ELXR Juice Lab came to Jackson Wynne with their brand new original & organic cold-pressed juice company based in Toronto. In a fast growing industry, ELXR needed something fresh to stand apart from the competition. Building a business from the ground up is a large undertaking but nothing Jackson Wynne is unfamiliar with. Providing an identity, packaging, stationery design, and website – everything needed to hit the ground running. To good juice and good health – bottoms up!


ELXR Juice Lab places value on its all natural ingredients with health top of mind. Running with the theme of a “modern apothecary” we landed on a strong word mark that lends itself to themes; health, nutritional science and the elements – periodic tables. A custom logotype consists of the iconic stroke treatment, providing a spin on traditional text-based logos, neatly framed. Supporting copy and bold sans-serif typography capture the essence of the business. Simplicity and purity. Supporting elements and design carry the theme throughout keeping the brand, consistent across all material.


The colour of the contents in the bottle act as the background. Clear labels were used for two distinct sizes, 8oz and 1oz paired with a branded bottle cap seal. The bottle shape is the classic Boston Round, for the 8oz juice as well as 1oz booster shots emulating the medicinal motif. The 8oz has two labels front and back while the booster is much smaller and simplified with one wrap around label. Eventually, a 16oz version will be rolled in.

Print Design

Various applications were implemented including stationery, menus, roll up banners and fridge decals. Recycled print stock was selected for the cards / menus and matched for the roll-up banner for use in presentation and trade shows. The simple logo treatment frames well within the fridge door.


ELXR Juice Lab needed a dynamic system to handle updates, retail locations, social media, blogging and shopping online.

The addition of eCommerce for customers to purchase products for local delivery was made possible through the Bigcommerce platform. Customer’s can shop online and even build their own custom cleanse through an intuitive and easy to use ordering area.

The fully responsive website is available from mobile to desktop.


Working closely with ELXR Juice Labs, Jackson Wynne has successfully established the company in the marketplace with a unique brand design, identity, packaging and positioning. It’s still early days yet, but they have everything they need to take off. As one of the first customers to test product, we can attest it is as delicious as it is beautiful to look at!