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Online Content Marketing

Stay consistent, keep your promotions on brand and on point.

Stick to the script and let your voice be heard

We don’t need to spend time explaining the importance of social media to you, it came, it saw, it’s conquering. Merely existing on these platforms just isn't enough anymore, you need to live on them. A social media profile isn’t a digital Yellow Pages listing, it’s a constant insight into your world for an audience new and old to experience. Having an active and consistent presence on social media can make your Brand stronger than ever, it can have a direct say in your SEO/M as well as build personal connections with your customers.

  • Copywriting
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Social Media Branding
  • Scheduled Content
  • Blog Articles
  • Email Blast

Content Marketing Options

Project Involvement


Best for: Small businesses


Best for: Corporations
Content Strategy We dig deep into your industry. Find out what others are doing, what your audience loves and what you can do to up your game. Yes Yes
Editorial Calendar A calendar with our content campaign mapped out in full. Yes Yes
Social Profile Branding We will get you set up with the essential accounts you need and equip them with branded profile pictures and banners. 3 Accounts 5 Accounts
Scheduled Posts We say ‘up to’ on this as week-by-week it might differ. These are either linked between accounts or the amount can be spread across channels. Up to 2 p/w Up to 5 p/w
Blog Articles Consistent posts help support social channels, provides insight into your business and helps improves organic SEO 1 p/m 2 p/m
Analytics Get a monthly report on basic performance including information such as traffic, sources and retention. Yes Yes

Get Started

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Get Started

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“Above and beyond our expectations, Jackson Wynne’s team created a cohesive brand we’re able to utilize in our marketing campaign for print and online. Getting the right brand narrative and elements in place is no easy feat and we enjoyed working with their team for a beautiful end result.”

Lindsey Trypuc - SFE Solar