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eCommerce websites

Selling products online is elementary but doing it well matters

Get your shop on

No matter the size of your business, having a digital presence and means to sell online has never been more important than today, fortunately it’s also never been so accessible either. That being said, a fully functioning e-commerce site is not to be scrimped on, when you are dealing with people’s money you need a strong, reliable platform from which to represent your brand.

We have helped organizations from start-ups to multimillion dollar organizations establish and enhance their position in the digital marketplace by delivering consistent, device-responsive industry standard websites.

  • Consulting
  • Content Audit
  • Product Mastering
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Theme Development
  • Integrations

eCommerce Options

Project Involvement


Best for: Startups


Best for: Corporations

Design Only

Best for: Partners
Discovery A meeting, a phone call and a heap of questions. Getting to know you, your competitors and your customers. Yes Yes Yes
Content Audit We get to know all the content you have for your website and products, then work out if there’s anything you need. Yes Yes Yes
Web Design Depending on what you need, we will either adapt an existing theme or build one from scratch. Theme Custom Theme PSD Files
Development Our front-end development team take over and start the actual build of your site. No Yes No
Product Mastering A full audit and confirmation of every aspect of each product you’re going to be featuring. Yes Yes No
Content Population Setting you off with importing data, descriptions and variants for your product pages either from a database or existing site. Yes Yes No
Systems Integration Whether you need to incorporate your back-office system or are thinking about making the jump to a PIM, we can get you started. No Yes No

Get Started

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Get Started

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Get Started

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"Taking our existing website and completely updating everything from the ground up was a process that changed the way we think about how we market to our customers and helps us stay competitive in the fast-paced technology industry. Everything from merchandising to targeting specific industries was covered to help us sell our B2B hardware and software."

Sam Shearer - Ortery