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Make your mark with Logo design

You need a custom logo that will work as an identity system tailored for your business needs across all material.

Jackson Wynne Brand Consultants is a Toronto-based brand consultancy that creates customized logo solutions designed to meet your organization’s branding needs.

Logo Design

A logo is a graphic mark or emblem that helps define a brand, its image and its values in a simple visual package. In many cases, logos incorporate symbols, icons, graphics and a wordmark or catch phrase. Most often, logos incorporate a combination of graphics and text to make a dramatic brand statement.

Logo Design Process

Determining which of these elements should be included in a logo requires a great deal of research and analysis. Any sound branding exercise involves a strategic overview of the organization’s business goals, value propositions and competitive advantage. From there, it’s incumbent upon the logo designer to take those various considerations into account when developing branding that helps the organization achieve its long-term objectives.

Company Identity System

At Jackson Wynne Brand Consultants, we’re committed to doing all of that and more. Our logo design services typically include a level of in-depth business consultation that takes your branding exercise beyond simple design and development. During that process, we ask several fundamental questions: How should your logo be positioned to drive future growth or evolve with the business? What positioning will help your organization win clients or appeal to a wider target audience that can take your business to the next level? While anyone can design a logo, it takes a forward-thinking consultant to produce a dynamic graphic expression of your organization that also helps fuel its success.

It’s a value-added approach to logo design and business consulting that’s come to define our branding work.

"Having a brand that speaks to the caliber of professional you’re working with, while speaking to the client in a respectful way was very important to us. Jackson Wynne delivered a rebrand that has brought us to the forefront of our industry positioning us a leader for our practice that has added brand equity, recognition and staying power for years to come."

Kyle T.H. Smith - Partner, Strype