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Good design solves everything*

*OK, not everything - but Graphic Design applies across multiple touch points. Where does your brand live?

Jackson Wynne Brand Consultants is a Toronto-based brand consultancy that creates customized graphic design solutions designed to meet your organization’s branding needs.

Graphic Design

In fact, graphic design is one of our core services and an integral aspect of our branding process. Your digital properties, stationery, marketing collateral, promotional materials and product and packaging design require a unique level of attention to align with your organization’s brand and business objectives. We have the ability to collaborate with industrial engineers, architects, interior designers and other specialized design professionals to translate your brand into a wide variety of formats.

What is Graphic Design?

So, what is graphic design? In a business context, it’s the process of visual communication using typography, photography and illustration—both conventional and digital—to produce a unique brand look and feel. Smart graphic design is one of the most important elements of your organization’s brand development strategy because it can serve to communicate key value propositions and competitive advantage in an effective graphic interface.

Hiring a Design Agency

Why? We’ve all seen examples of poor graphic design. But for those organizations that get it right, graphic design can be a major brand differentiator. It can help convey a level of credibility, innovation, trust and expertise that can be easily lost when designs fall flat. Perhaps most importantly, the best graphic designs are those that are simple, clean and instantly recognizable.

Beyond Graphic Design

As brand consultants, our goal is to produce cutting-edge graphic designs that elevate your brand. We do it by conducting competitor and market research, then distilling those findings into a coherent action plan and brand narrative to guide the design process. In other words, we use a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis to produce timeless designs that your organization can leverage well into the future. Our approach delivers better return on your marketing investment and ensures brand consistency for years to come.

“Having the right look for my luxury travel agency was essential in creating a brand for the discerning clientele demanding a certain presence. I’m very happy with the work that was done that has built a platform I can run with and I’m confident going to market. Absolutely nailed it.”

Ilana Valo - Owner, Twil Travel