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Brand design agency & consultancy

A professional brand identity and strategy is the defining factor in today's growing competitive market place.

Branding by far is the most important process any business, large or small, retail or B2B should undertake. Here are the ways Jackson Wynne can help create and define your Brand.

Brand Story

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. That basic principle guides our brand development process, which explains why our first step—after researching your business to understand its value propositions, competitive advantage and the finer points that make your people so awesome—is to build out a compelling brand story. It’s the foundation of our work and the guiding voice for your brand going forward.

Brand Identity

Brands are defined by their visuals, or the images, logos and designs that differentiate them from competitors. Identities can be simple or complex, retro or avant garde, but no matter the style, they come to represent the face of a business. Our brand development process is designed help your team hone in on the right visual look for your organization through mood boarding, curated creative collaboration sessions and simplified decision-making designed to make the brand-approval process easy and engaging.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is the key to any successful brand deployment. How your brand looks across a spectrum of high-value marketing-communications collateral will define how it’s received in your marketplace. From product packaging and websites, to social media, signage, advertisements, mobile apps, print and promotional items, consistent and coherent branding can help transform organizations. Our goal is to deliver simplified brand guidelines that allow your team to tender or work with our network of third-party service providers to build robust websites, engaging apps, eye-catching signage and advertisements, stunning retail and commercial spaces, or game-changing product packaging.

“Our new image together with the website, marketing collateral and trade show booth, has enhanced the spirit and pride of the company and has given a sense of purpose thus increasing commitment and productivity.”

Roslyn Murray - Digital Communications, donorworx