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6 Web Technology Trends for 2013

In terms of web history, we're still in a fairly early stage, but also in a very exciting time. From the first days of the internet, to "web 2.0" and now today, their seems to be new technologies and discoveries popping up all the time. Alongside shiny new tablet devices and hardware improvements, expect to see technology trends to get a lot more interesting in 2013.

There are a few key points to keep an eye on this year. Are you up to date? How important are these new technologies to your business and how are you using them or how could you use them? More importantly, how are your customers using technology?


1. Responsive Design

You've likely seen and used a lot of responsive layout websites already, with web layout changing based on the screen size. Expect a lot more responsive design and progress in this area as it starts to realize more of its potential this year.

2. Mobile / Tablet

Besides apps, the web optimized for mobile can adapt based on the device, providing the best experience possible for the end user. Whether you're on your phone, a tablet, laptop or a desktop computer — streamlining the experience is important and will only get increasingly so.

3. Retina Display

Though still early yet, more web users will have high definition display devices which requires high(er) definition artwork. This technology is still really fresh and managing it properly is currently being worked out as methods of delivery battle it out. Not widely adopted yet, it's not 100% necessary for most projects, at least for the time being. It will start to become a more requested item for consideration in projects. 2x the work.

4. Accessibility

Delivery to all user ability levels allows your website to reach a broader audience.
Though not mandatory for all websites, you'll start to see it being followed more as government and corporate requirements enable growth in this area.

5. Increased Interactive

Whether it's touch enabled, animation, transitions or effects such as parallax, the interactive web will become more engaging for a better overall experience. With Flash mostly on the way out, expect to see more slick HTML5 and CSS3 as technology advances.

6. Better User Experience

Improve what you already have. Build onto, tweak or extend your existing website to perform better. Whether it's simplifying or an overhaul, adjust for the best experience. Now more than ever a website's ability to adapt and grow is important as the consumer has more options in a competitive marketplace. Pay attention to your customers who expect a greater experience online.

Final Thoughts

I can't possibly cover everything coming out, so think of this article as more a curated overview. We'll be going into more depth on these points in future blog posts.

With what seems like new technology coming out all the time, it could seem hard to keep up. Though the technology may change, certain principles behind good design and usability still apply. It's good to know what's out there and where things are going.

It's a very exciting time and things are only going to get more interesting.

What do you think about technology trends for 2013?

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Jack Shepherd
Written By

Jack Shepherd

Co-founder, Partner and Design Director at Jackson Wynne @jacksheps